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Interiors in high-tech style are popular for the only reason - we are without technology, like no hands. This is a whole philosophy on the use of the latest achievements in an effort to simplify your life. Look at high-tech interior photos to equip yourself with the right ideas.

You have probably come across high-tech interior designs in modern restrooms, kitchens, high-class restaurants in the city, and started thinking about adding style to your home? Although High Tech projects are often used for planning public interiors, they may be appropriate to look at in apartments and houses. But what does High Tech's interior design style consist of?

High-tech interior design is suitable for those who like to be surrounded by metal, plastic and high technology. Style tends to focus on shapes, not color schemes. Everything should be sleek and glossy. High-tech interior design is noticeably inconvenient if mistakes are made during its implementation.


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  • Style concept

    High-tech style in the interior

    If we want to point out the most modern style of interior design, it will be a high-tech style. Its characteristic property is that all the elements here serve a specific purpose. There is a connection with the industrial style to introduce characteristic specificity, among which is the lack of decoration.

    His absence is compensated by:

    • shiny glass;
    • chrome;
    • metal surfaces.

    The highlight of the design - open design using:

    • metal;
    • glass;
    • concrete.

    The appropriate design solution for large rooms is the division into functional areas using glass or sliding doors.

    The characteristic property of style is that all the elements here serve a specific purpose.

    This style arose from the fact that it relates to industrial objects and the image that it creates, uses and integrates the available functionality of the constituent elements. In high-tech environments, it is common to have a more open relationship with a structure that becomes part of the final visual result.

    High-tech interior design plays with aesthetically original potential:

    • pipes;
    • valves;
    • elevators;
    • beams;
    • air ducts.

    This style also attaches great importance to materials such as:

    • glass;
    • plastic;
    • metal.

    And in relation to the chromatic, it displays a palette of metallic silver, black and white.

    Efficiency is one of the main concepts that can be used to define high-tech interiors, and the best style associations are based on industrial, minimalist approaches.

    In high-tech interiors, beauty and aesthetics are connected with functionality and practicality.. At the same time, openness also serves as a defining feature of such interiors. Therefore, as a consequence of these features, to preserve the specifics of the style, large spaces, for example, should be divided into functional areas using:

    • light barriers;
    • glass walls;
    • glass doors.

    In this style, beauty and aesthetics are connected with functionality and practicality.

    Suitable furniture for high-tech interiors should preserve simple geometric contours, monochromatic materials, corresponding to the general palette of space. Modular furniture would also be suitable. It would increase the creative potential of space, which otherwise seemed too harsh, too reminiscent of an addiction to innovation and functionality.

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    Design ideas for high-tech home

    High Tech style first appeared on industrial sites, where all elements were primarily subordinate to a specific purpose. Therefore, the design of High Tech is not only aesthetics, but also practicality, where each element is capable of benefiting, but not at the expense of aesthetic value for the general subject.

    For example, in a high-tech kitchen, appliances are technologically advanced, fashionable and expensive, it becomes part of the design, and not just an element that will be used for its intended purpose. The same applies to other rooms, such as bathrooms, living rooms.

    Each element, the object is selected carefully to fit well with the theme of High Tech. From the couch to the refrigerator, from the stove to the taps and door handles: each element is designed to best accomplish its task, without visually interrupting the general appearance of the room.

    High Tech is not only aesthetics, but also practical

    The High Tech theme also takes into account the complex structuring of space. Rooms with high design are spacious, have less interference. Dimensions are chosen carefully to make the rooms look large. Structural openness is what makes High Tech projects popular in modern restaurants and bars, for example. But it is also relevant in residential buildings, where space is of no less importance.

    When you come across materials used in High Tech designs, you are unlikely to find wood that is very different from the whole concept.

    Instead, smooth futuristic artificial surfaces appear, as well as:

    • glass;
    • chromium;
    • brass.

    The colors that are commonly used in High Tech themes are highlighted in bold. Silver, black is plentiful white. Bold colors, such as red and blue, can be used when adding accessories or decor, but they should be used sparingly.

    In such a kitchen appliances are technologically advanced, fashionable and expensive

    High Tech's interior design has a lot in common with minimalist design.

    Like minimalist designs, High Tech design is distinguished by elegance, sophistication, with minimal decorations, patterns, and confusion prevention at all costs.

    This means that if you love this sleek modern look and have a budget that suits your tastes, then High Tech is definitely for you.

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    Bedroom interior

    High-tech in the bedroom gives a sense of rigor and rigidity by incorporating technical elements into the design. A high-tech interior, like a style close to minimalism, often uses monochrome color schemes, which can be combined with ordinary, primary colors:

    • red;
    • blue;
    • green;
    • yellow.

    Drawings, decorative elements are almost absent in high-tech interior design.

    High-tech interior, like a style close to minimalism

    The flooring should be either the same color as the carpet, or the carpet should overlap the walls. Leopard imitation leather floor coverings are also an acceptable, interesting solution. It can be combined with furniture with the same surface structure.

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    Living room design

    The living room in the style of high technology is easily distinguished from the living room, decorated in any other style. Take, for example, the unusual solution of a double combination of violet lighting on a ceiling with a floor covering in a contrasting violet color.

    The abundance of glass and metal partitions, straight lines, clear geometric shapes, suspended ceilings, various types of lighting and lighting - all this is characteristic of high-tech interior design.

    Use more glass and metal partitions

    The choice of furniture must fit the place. Useful furniture with simple geometric shapes and monochrome materials. A color burst that will act as an accent element can be created using a bright sofa, such as red, which can enliven the overall background.

    Bright focus should be only one. You can use a modular sofa, which changes its shape, and also, perhaps, create a different combination of colors, if the modules have different colors. Suitable elements of the interior are a table with a glass top, chairs with metal legs and back, coffee tables on wheels, modern glass bookshelves.

    The living room in the high-tech style is easy to distinguish from the living room, decorated in any other style.

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    High tech in the nursery

    Children's room, decorated using high-tech interior design ideas, is a space that will delight little lovers of futuristic things. Due to the characteristic neutral coatings, it is easy to modify the interior of the room when a change is required.

    Children's high-tech style

    However, the high-tech interior of the nursery is not only an attractive design. The essence of the concept is to provide all the benefits of technology, which in the nursery acquire a special meaning. Currently, there is no shortage of integrated, interconnected, high-tech Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets that take care of your child.

    Get a smart device that will track its movements, heartbeat, breathing, air quality, sleep and development. Then you can use the data to improve the quality of life for your child (and, transitively, yours) or simply dive headlong into the work, without worrying and remotely controlling the situation.

    This is a space that will delight little lovers of futuristic things.

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    For bathroom

    The interior of the bathroom in the style of hi-tech will bring the space all the benefits of modernity. The basic principle of this style is high practicality with very few accessories or furniture.:

    • washbasins. While conventional washstands often have very little aesthetic appeal, high-tech bathroom sinks add some modern technological touches that the younger generation will undoubtedly appreciate;

    Hi-tech bathroom

    • high tech toilets that do not require hands or paper. These toilets have temperature controlled water and automatic dryers (already used and common in Asia);
    • toilet seat heaters and LED lights;
    • self-cleaning toilets and antimicrobial seats;
    • motion sensors when raising and lowering the toilet lid;

    The interior of the bathroom in the style of hi-tech will bring the space all the benefits of modernity.

    • eco-friendly digital taps as a great way to conserve water and energy. Some of the features you would expect from a digital faucet include: reduced water consumption and digital temperature control settings;
    • non-contact infrared tap technology that “reads” the user and turns off when the hands are not under the tap;
    • programmable functions, such as setting the morning exercise time or the option to brush teeth, which works during the selected time interval;
    • bath again comes to replace the shower.

    The principle of this style is high practicality.

    Here is what you can expect from new baths:

    • separate baths without shower;
    • small Japanese-style baths;
    • elegant modern faucets for the bath, many of which come from the floor and pour into the bath;
    • bathtubs with massage elements, air ducts of which provide a constant stream of warm massage bubbles;
    • chromotherapy or mood-enhancing lighting.

    Bath, as a rule, prevails over showers

    New materials and bath forms offer rectangular shapes, as well as carved stone and copper. The high-tech bathroom also contains smart gadgets. Here are some interesting elements that add another level of technology:

    • refrigerator cabinets for the bathroom, which store medicines or cold drinks in a cool place;
    • LCD panels that allow you to control the temperature in the shower, the flow of water, steam, music and chromotherapy;
    • waterproof tvs. Taking a bath and watching TV is a nice combination, and it eliminates the chances of dropping the iPad into the bath when you're into a movie.

    Rectangular materials and shapes

    In an age, technology becomes an essential part of people's daily lives. That's why these high-tech bathroom accessories will definitely become necessary as technological gadgets penetrate all aspects of people's lives. From sensory to MP3-taps and high-tech toilets, these modern accessories will certainly make your bathroom time more enjoyable.

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    High-tech kitchen design

    Any kitchen that includes high-tech elements of interior design is a "kitchen from the future." All large household appliances should be the most advanced, using modern technology. The layout should be as simplified as possible.

    Excess chrome and gloss should be minimized to avoid creating a kitchen that resembles office space.

    Kitchen from the future

    When someone mentions the kitchen of the future, what do you think? Speaking devices that respond to voice commands? Technology plays a big role in today's kitchen. Our lifestyle has changed, and the function of the kitchen has changed, technology has advanced in line with our needs.

    The kitchen is no longer just a cooking room.. Household tasks, paying bills, laundry, scheduled entertainment and other non-cooking activities migrated to the kitchen, it grew in size, and some modern layouts made the kitchen a central place for the house.

    Entertainment and information systems help motivate other family members to actually come to the kitchen, sit down and eat food. A computer in the kitchen will also be useful, especially when you need to search for recipes, pay bills, or monitor emails while waiting for an important message. For those who have a busy schedule, high-tech kitchen technologies help to quickly prepare food, cook food remotely and remind you when to replace food.

    The kitchen is no longer just a cooking room.

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    Entrance hall

    Entrance to the house should not be forced furniture. High-tech design contributes to the release of the hallway from the furniture, so make it invisible by thinking the same color of the walls and cabinets. As for the decoration of the walls, they should be smooth and solid, decorate them with small photos. High-tech also dictates lighting rules.

    Stylish entrance hall with a minimal amount of furniture

    Floor lamps with chandeliers are prohibited here, but the built-in lighting is quite appropriate. Use pendant lighting or halogen bulbs. In the high-tech world, not only metal and glass are used, but also:

    • concrete;
    • ceramic tile;
    • brick.

    In general, there are no restrictions on the choice of materials for high-tech interiors. It is necessary to remember functionality only.

    This style contributes to the release of the hallway from the extra furniture.

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    Hi-tech style is used and loved by confident and fashionable young people. The main feature of this style is the abundance of space in the room. Here you will never see cute or luxurious curtains. Instead, there are horizontal or vertical blinds. Of course, there is a possibility that your room will look like an office with them, so you can use roll and other minimalist types of curtains to make your room look more comfortable.

    The main feature of this style is the abundance of space in the room.

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    Design for small apartments

    When designing a one-room apartment, it may be useful to follow the principles of high-tech design, since this style gives the small space the illusion that it is much larger. You will find yourself in a small room that will not be cramped.

    Option with combining kitchen and living room

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    For a studio apartment

    Hi-tech suitable for small spaces. Clean, cool colors and the lack of additional furniture will help create the illusion of more space in the room.

    The interior of the studio is characterized by the freedom of space.

    BoardDo not be afraid to use this style in small apartments. The abundance of glass objects and light colors can make even the smallest studio apartment more spacious.

    Option for a studio apartment

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    For children's rooms

    High-tech style is a very practical choice of design not only for spacious rooms, but also for small ones. It involves a combination of basic furniture with light color schemes.

    Small, stylized children

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    For bathroom

    A high-tech bathroom is unable to combine comfort and romance in Provence, Country or Modern style. But at the same time, it will contain all the functional components needed in the bathroom. All ordinary daily activities should be made simpler and more natural.

    Option of a small bathroom in this style

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    For kitchen

    A bar counter would be ideal in a small high-tech kitchen, as well as a compact glass or retractable table that can be adjusted depending on whether you need to accommodate 6 people or 2. Chairs can be made from:

    • bent plywood;
    • wood;
    • metal;
    • plastic;
    • transparent polycarbonate.

    The main criteria for choosing furniture for a small high-tech kitchen are minimal design, versatility and elegance.

    Space saving option for a small kitchen

    High-tech interior design will help to visually expand the room, thanks to bold, solid colors and the absence of unnecessary furniture.

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    Interior items

    High-tech interior design usually does not require additional decorative elements, since a large amount of light, as a rule, is refracted by chrome and glossy surfaces and reflected in mirrors.

    BoardHowever, if you intend to add a sense of individuality to the interior, you need to use the right decorative elements.

    Try to use as little decoration as possible.

    The walls can be decorated with large photographic portraits in metal frames. It would be appropriate to look black and white photos. Interesting metal figures, as well as decorative glass objects will also match the design.

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    Distinctive features of style

    Another colloquial name for high-tech style is the term "smart home". It means not only the presence of high technology, but also a functional device. Together they should be used in such a way that all ordinary daily activities become simpler and more natural.

    Style implies high technology

    This house really is in many cases smart and offers high comfort. This includes automated systems for heating, cooling, security, and even flavoring the room.

    BoardSmart homes can also have voice control via mobile communications and are designed to optimize our lives so that we live in economical use and preservation of the environment.

    Smart home system

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    Characteristic color palette

    The characteristic high-current color palette includes mostly gray and white, as well as all their nuances. Contrasting tones are sometimes used, which are significantly different from the main background.

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    Multifunctional furniture

    Interior ideas in high-tech style recommend us mainly multifunctional furniture. Best of all, it will work with a modern design.

    The color palette includes mostly gray and white

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    Multilayer lighting

    Multi-layer, abundant, spectacular lighting is another typical characteristic of a high-tech interior. It is located on the walls and ceilings. Lighting plays an important role in open-plan zoning.

    The most suitable are pendant lamps in combination with small suspended halogen lamps, possibly at different heights. The basic requirement is simplicity of form. A good idea is a suspended ceiling chandelier with halogen lamps at different heights - they would give coziness and charm to interior design. A stylish aquarium with exotic fish is an ideal decoration that will give the overall internal configuration an aesthetic, high-tech look.

    Use multifunctional furniture

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    High-tech fireplace usually does not contain a chimney, and works on electricity, alcohol burner, other fuels:

    • Dutch manufacturer of fireplaces Helex, combined a modern fireplace with a Full HD TV. The flat-screen TV is designed to fully enter the fireplace area covered with a thin glass or black panel;

    Option of a stylish fireplace

    • wall mounted fireplace can be installed on the wall, as one of the flat plasma TVs. Using small catalytic converters, the wall-mounted fireplace has the ability to burn odors, stale indoor air, effectively returning warm and neutral air back to the airspace;
    • The electric high-tech fireplace does not need to be filled with firewood and the removal of ash, which is typical of traditional fireplaces, will add a touch of high technology to its design. Such models also often resemble a wall-mounted plasma panel or an overall picture with a flame flickering behind a glass display. It can be controlled by remote control;

    The style consists of straight lines and geometric shapes.

    The effect of a living flame is the highlight of these fireplaces.

    • Mobile electric cast iron plates are closer to industrial design, but they also fit into hi-tech perfectly. Cast iron plates - a true work of art that can bring you aesthetics and warmth, often made using manual labor. Instead of using an electric fan, this mobile electric fireplace delivers heat from above, providing a quiet and soft source of heat;
    • Modern gas fireplaces are also equipped with the latest catalytic technology that not only cleans emissions to the atmosphere before leaving the oven, but also helps to remove odors in the house and neutralize airborne particles such as dust mites, creating a cleaner and healthier home environment. Since no energy will be wasted on the chimney, all the heat generated will be used to warm the room, which reduces operating costs;

    Plasma panel often resembles a beautiful picture.

    Such models also often resemble a wall-mounted plasma panel or an overall picture with a flame.

    • A desktop fireplace can appear in your life when you start thinking that fireplaces cannot become portable. The fireplace on the table is rather a reduced copy of it, which resembles a candle flame. Although this miniature will not be a full-fledged replacement for the traditional one, it will definitely amaze your partner at a romantic dinner. Works on liquid paraffin oil.
    • a fireplace with a chimney can be no less interesting for your high-tech design than its counterparts without a chimney. The chimney is seamlessly integrated into the design to serve not only as a heating device, but also as a holder for glass shelves.

    This style consists of straight lines and geometric shapes, so choose a fireplace rectangular, square or round.

    Use cool shades

    Since this style is rather laconic, the fireplace should also be simple.

    Style is the embodiment of the latest advances in modern technology.

    Choose an unusual color for him to make an accent object that will attract looks with a vengeance.