Dining tables for the kitchen (225+ Photos): How to choose the best model?


The choice of a dining table and chairs is done at the final stage of the kitchen renovation after installation of the headset. It’s not always possible to foresee all the details during planning. After placing the kitchen furniture, it becomes clear what area remains for the installation of the dining ensemble and what decor to use for the final decoration. More about everything further in the article.

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  • Dining tables and chairs for the kitchen
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  • Oval and round shape
  • Dining folding
  • Living room table
  • From various materials
  • White dining table
  • How to make a wall above the table?
  • Chandeliers
  • Photowall-paper on kitchen
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  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 225 photos)
  • Dining tables and chairs for the kitchen
  • How to make a wall above the table?
  • Chandeliers
  • Photowall-paper on kitchen
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 225 photos)
  • Dining tables and chairs for the kitchen

    When choosing the optimal variant of the furniture group for any kitchen, there are three main criteria:

    • Convenience. Externally beautiful sets in practice will be impractical. After the purchase can come strong disappointment. Before buying a model, you need to touch it and sit on the chairs. They produce products, the seats of which completely repeat the structure of the human body, which means that the furniture will be convenient for use. You can choose chairs with armrests and wide seats.

    Round Dining Table

    • Sizes of furniture. Studies have shown that an average person needs a worktop 60-70 cm wide. To accommodate a family of 4 people behind a dinner set, you need to select furniture of the following sizes: 120 cm length, 75 cm height and width from 75 to 80 cm. Also consider the size of the kitchen: Dining furniture should not overload the entire space of the room.
    • Material. It must be durable and environmentally friendly, the life of such furniture is large enough. Due to the fact that tables and chairs will be placed in the kitchen, the material from which they are made must be easy to clean, be moisture resistant, and not deform from high temperatures.
    • Design. Furniture is best purchased near the end of the repair. At this stage, the final style of the room is already emerging. The dining set is selected by color, size and material, for example, it can be classic wood or plastic products.
    If wooden sets were chosen for the kitchen, they should be treated with additional impregnation, protecting the surface from negative external factors that can damage the furniture.

    Must be durable and environmentally friendly

    Tables and chairs for a small kitchen can be chosen from plastic.

    It is reliable, durable and moisture resistant. Transparent furniture will dissolve into the space of the room, which will help prevent the visual cluttered area.

    If you want to make the furniture more comfortable, the chairs can be covered with microfiber upholstery. This is a quality material that does not absorb dirt and moisture, and is also easy to clean.

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    If the dimensions of the kitchen are not large, a purchase of folding furniture will be a good option. Almost always she will be in the folded state, without taking up much space. But during the reception of guests or a festive dinner, the furniture is easy to unfold. It can simultaneously accommodate in comfort several people. This is due to a special mechanism and hidden additional surfaces, sections are under the table top.

    Rustic style

    Usually an additional element is expanded from the central part. In some models this can be done from the side. They are well suited for very small kitchens.

    BoardYou can put a dining table in the corner or against the wall. A great option is to set the tabletop in the corner diagonally, so the space will be occupied as much as possible. Return to the menu

    Table transformer

    This is another good option for a small kitchen. Transformation of the model can occur in several ways:

    • move forward;
    • to rise;
    • recline.

    Creative form of the product

    The form of the transformer can be:
    • square;
    • rectangular;
    • oval.

    During the transformation, the area is increased by 30% of the original parameter. When folded, the product does not take up much space and can comfortably fit in any part of the kitchen.

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    Oval and round shape

    Before buying furniture for the kitchen, it is important to know how many people from the family will most often have lunch or dinner at the same time, and how often friends come to visit. Based on this, the product is selected the desired shape and size.. The main thing is not to overload with the kitchen space.

    Oval version of the dining set

    BoardBefore you place the furniture in the kitchen, it is recommended to draw it on floor to see how much space the furniture takes. Around him leave 60 cm - this distance is necessary for comfortable fit of a person in a chair.
    The oval version of the dining set is an original solution.

    It can be found in various styles, such as classic, modern or French design. Such a structure is measured in the same way as rectangular furniture, but due to the streamlined shape it is easily placed on a small kitchen area.

    In order for all family members to sit comfortably around a round dining table, its diameter should be from 137 to 200 cm. The final size depends on the exact number of people who will eat at the same time. This option can be placed in a small kitchen, it does not take up much space and will save space.

    Sign of sophistication and sophistication

    If there are doubts about the comfortable choice of furniture round shape, you can pay attention to the standard sizes and recommendations of designers.

    The diameter is selected as follows:
    • 110 cm - for 4 people;
    • 130 cm - for 6;
    • 150 cm - for 8;
    • 170 cm - up to 10.

    The choice of a round table for the kitchen is a sign of sophistication and refinement. This option is suitable for families with small children. Rounded edges prevent injuries and bruises.

    Option for a small kitchen

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    Dining folding

    The design is supplemented from 1 or 2 side parts, so the assembled furniture does not take up much space. It is suitable for a small kitchen, even if sudden guests descend during dinner, it will just need to be spread out, and then folded back.

    Small and large dining table
    Furniture is chosen depending on the number of people who will be eating at the same time, as well as the size of the kitchen.

    If the room is small in size, the furniture must be matched. One of the options is a semicircular model. It is suitable for families who do not serve a full dining place. Straight side, he puts against the wall. The design saves space in the kitchen and does not interfere with movements.. Such a model would be appropriate to place in an apartment where there are young children, rounded edges will prevent their injury.

    In classic style

    The area of ​​some kitchens can not accommodate even such furniture. In this case, you can install a folding table, it is attached to a wall or window sill. Before lunch, it is laid out, and at the end of the design simply hides in its original appearance. Together with such a model it is convenient to use folding stools, they are cleaned in the same way.

    There are designs that are transformed from compact models into full-fledged dining instances. This happens due to special hidden mechanisms and additional sections.

    Furniture is usually purchased in small apartments, where relatives and friends often gather.

    To visually expand the space of the room, it is best to choose a tabletop from transparent plastic or glass. The kitchen will be perceived much easier.

    Furniture is chosen according to the number of people.

    If the kitchen is large, you can install almost any table model on it, as long as they are not miniature. Visually they just get lost, and will look ridiculous. Dining set is best to choose a rectangular or oval shape. It can be placed in the center of the room or near the wall. Not only all family members, but also unexpected guests will quietly accommodate him.

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    Living room table

    In some apartments, the kitchen has a very small area. There is barely enough space to fully prepare food, so it is advisable to move the dining area to another room. Most often this place becomes a living room, this arrangement allows you to choose a variety of table options.

    Refined hunting style design

    Visually expand the space or dissolve in the room a large dining table will help the surface, made of glass.

    The simplest wooden table with such a table top can bring a feeling of lightness and airiness to the room.

    If there are no bulky or heavy objects in the living room, you can put a wooden headset here. It will fit harmoniously in space and fill it with home warmth. During dinner at such a table a person will receive a lot of pleasant and positive emotions.

    In the design you can often find metal products. Do not be afraid to put a table of this material in the living room. It will emphasize all the balance, conciseness and minimalism of the interior.

    The product is made of heavy wood

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    From various materials

    The quality of furniture and its service life depend on the material from which it is made.

    Tree. This is a traditional material for dining tables. Such a group will look organically in almost all styles and modern designs. Especially if the facades of kitchen cabinets are also made of this material.
    The table is made of the following breeds:
    • the Red tree;
    • beech;
    • oak;
    • alder;
    • Pine;
    • ash.
    BoardIt is necessary to combine the kitchen set and the dinner group with each other by design.Rattan. This is a natural and environmentally friendly material for the production of products. Rattan furniture will fill the room with coziness and home warmth, it is complemented with textile, metal or wooden elements.

    The benefits of rattan include:
    • strength;
    • elasticity;
    • ease of care.

    In order for the furniture to retain its original appearance, it should be carefully looked after, since food residues and small litter often fall into the space between the rods.

    Glass. It is best to choose a worktop of tempered triplex. With a strong blow, it will not break into small pieces, it is less traumatic. If the tabletop is solid, its thickness should not be less than 10 ml, glass inserts are allowed with a thickness of 8 ml.

    The surface can be made in the following design:

    • transparent;
    • matte;
    • painted;
    • with photo printing;
    • glossy;
    • mirror.

    In dark brown

    When choosing glass it should be remembered that it is somewhat more difficult to clean than a wooden surface. Not everyone likes to eat at such a table, many consider such a tabletop to be cold and fragile, and when they put dishes on it, this is accompanied by a too loud sound.Veneered MDF. Furniture visually resembles wood, only curvilinear decors that have complex shapes are missing on its surface.Painted MDF. It is not recommended to use for the manufacture of the surface of the dining table, since with careless handling traces of mechanical damage remain. Manufacturers produce furniture from MDF in different versions, often on the product on the top they install tempered glass.Laminated chipboard. Many choose the material because of the cost. Furniture is cheaper than natural counterparts, while visually laminated chipboard can imitate natural textures. If you carelessly handle such a tabletop, chips may form on its surface, bubbles, or scratches.

    English style

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    White dining table

    Many believe that white furniture is impractical, especially if used in the interior of the kitchen. Caring for a white dining table made of modern materials will not cause problems.

    White furniture can be used in various styles, it goes well with any kitchen set and interior decoration. The table is suitable for large and small rooms, the main thing is to choose a model and beat it in the interior.

    Table suitable for large and small rooms

    The white color for the dining table has the following advantages:
    • versatility. To use such furniture would be appropriate in any style. For example, classic, provence, country, minimalism or high-tech. Underline the chosen design will help correctly placed accents in the room, interior decoration and textiles;
    • diversity. White color can be applied to any form of table top. When choosing a round, oval, square or rectangular design, you need to consider the kitchen area;
    • practicality. On the surface there will be less visible dust and a small litter arc.

    The white table brings fresh ideas to the room atmosphere.. For example, you can divide the kitchen into zones: dining in a white or light shade, and working in dark colors.

    White furniture is easy to maintain.

    BoardCaring for white furniture in the same way as for any other. The main thing is to choose the right cleaning method, based on the material from which it is made. Return to the menu ↑ Return to the menu

    How to make a wall above the table?

    A table in the kitchen is placed near one wall. This helps to save space, but with this arrangement you will not place drawers or cabinets under it.

    BoardDo not leave the surface boring and monotonous. On the contrary, it is necessary to attract attention. Bright accents will help to make it.

    Sliding option in white

    The wall is made in the following versions:
    • Wall mural. They are suitable for the design of the whole wall, which is not involved in the furnishing of the kitchen. The main thing when choosing this method of decorating is to choose a picture. It should be combined with the overall design of the room, as well as fit the style. Successfully accommodate rustic motifs, the view of the old city or landscapes. The selected picture, above all, should cause an appetite for all family members.
    • Fresco. Before you apply it to the surface, you must carefully plastered the wall. The fresco is made only by hand, so the cost of finishing is much higher. Visually, it looks very impressive, this is its main difference from the photo wallpaper. The decor can be made independently, if the person has creative potential.
    • Wallpaper. This is the easiest option to quickly design the space. It is only necessary to choose the wallpaper in the color of the kitchen, they must be present drawing or texture to add texture to the interior. This will help to visually divide the area without spending a lot of effort, time and money.
    • Paint. Before applying it, the walls should be well leveled, since all irregularities will immediately be noticed after the surface has dried. The dining area can be distinguished by a different shade from the main color or make a contrast accent. Using the stencil perform various drawings or inscriptions.

    Great option for a country house

    In addition to the standard design of the wall, there are several additional methods of decoration, which are distinguished by their originality of execution:
    • Clock. Manufacturers produce interesting models for the kitchen. For example, the dial depicts a hot cup of coffee or freshly prepared scrambled eggs. They will decorate a wall, and also will orient the person on time.
    • Plates. They are attached to the surface of the wall with the help of holders, they are placed along a line or randomly. They may be from the same service, but have different sizes. Many bring travel articles as a souvenir. If they are mounted on the wall, it will be an interesting decoration, and the memory of the holiday.
    • Shelves. It is advisable not to place closed boxes or similar storage systems here, they create the impression of squeezing space, clutter. It is better to use open light shelves, they look very organic. At the same time on the designs place interesting dishes, seasonings in beautiful jars, you can carefully arrange souvenirs and fakes and small pots with indoor plants.

    Wooden table for a large family

    • Pictures. With their help, you can quickly decorate any kitchen, it is important to choose an image that matches the overall design and mood of the room.On the wall should hang a still life, abstraction or landscape.
    • Photo. It is a good idea to place a collection of family portraits in this area. Frames of different parameters can be fixed in strict geometry or randomly.
    • Slate. She is just beginning to gain popularity, it is convenient to write down recipes, messages for family members, or just draw funny pictures and wishes. Here make up the menu and mode of the day.
    The main thing to buy chalk and properly clean the slate surface, so that it retains its qualities as long as possible.
    • Painting or stickers. Suitable for the wall, which is painted in one color or pasted over with plain wallpaper. Bright elements will dilute the dull surface and give mood. Stickers can be periodically replaced with new ones without damaging the base coat.
    • Painting. This type of decoration is the most laborious, while it looks very expensive and rich. You can do it yourself only if the person has creative potential, or invite a professional who will decorate the wall with painting.

    Black furniture combined with white walls

    Many people install a small TV on the wall. This will not only decorate the surface, but will also become a functional solution. So that the wires do not spoil the overall design of the kitchen, it is better to hide them in a box or in a shter.

    Kitchen design planning is done before repair work. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu


    The overall mood of the room largely depends on the selected lighting. The size of the chandelier and its location depends on where the dining table will be. The kitchen can have several options for placing light:

    • Large lamp, located at the center of the dining table. This is considered a classic option that can be used in any room size. The main thing is to place the chandelier so that the spot of light covers the entire tabletop, and not a separate part of it. The distance from the surface of the table to the lamp should be 150 cm. Some models are adjustable in height by lowering or raising the lamp. Thanks to this feature, the chandelier becomes not just an object of lighting, but a design method. It is best to choose lampshades or shades that gently spread the light. This will help not to blind people sitting at the table. They can be made of translucent or frosted glass.

    Large lamp located in the center of the dining table

    • Several pendant lights. In order not to create a feeling of clutter, you should choose small ceiling. If the table is in a standard-sized kitchen, then 2-3 luminaires will be enough, for a small furniture or a small room space, one.
    • Lamps with long bases. This option is best used for lighting a large dining area. The group of small lamps, which are located at different heights, looks impressive. They can be arranged in the form of geometric shapes or randomly.
    • Built-in spot lighting. To install them you need to mount a drywall construction. It can be several levels, thereby helping to divide the space into several zones.
    • Bus system lightings. It is installed in the event that the table will move in the kitchen. Luminaires can be rotated in the right direction, moved or grouped.

    Glass option

    Before you create a certain lighting system in the kitchen, you should fully consider the design and select all the accessories. It should obey the general style of the room. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu

    Photowall-paper on kitchen

    Every year the range of hotel materials increases. Almost no one is surprised by photo murals in the kitchen. Such a solution will help to distinguish the dining group and divide the space. Wall mural correctly place accents and decorate the interior.

    Bohemian style

    The kitchen is the room where constant cooking takes place.

    Therefore, finishing materials must meet the specifics of the room and have the following properties:
    • easy to clean and wash. These wallpapers are indicated by a special marking. They can be washed with water using a soft sponge. If necessary, the use of special cleaning agents is omitted;
    • not to stand out from the general interior. Photowall-paper should be in harmony with kitchen furniture, textiles and the general mood of the room;
    • durability and reliability. The material must withstand temperature changes and humidity, as well as greasy spray, which is obtained as a result of cooking.

    Classic and durable option

    One of the latest inventions, which is used for finishing the dining area of ​​the kitchen, is called wallpaper in 3D format. Their main difference is in bright deep colors. Visually, the picture on the wall becomes very realistic.

    When choosing wallpaper in the kitchen, you should pay attention to the quality of the material, the applied colors and the plot of the image. It should stir the appetite, cause pleasant emotions.

    There are several interesting options for placing in the kitchen:
    • Mediterranean motifs. They will recreate a cozy atmosphere in which you can give a long time to various dreams, as well as make bold plans for the future. It is best to choose the landscapes of Italy, Greece, southern France, which depict maritime themes or sunny beaches;

    Version of the product with a print

    • nature. Mysterious jungle, wild waterfalls or wild savanna are allowed here. The main thing when choosing a picture is to ensure that it complements the overall design, and does not conflict with it;
    • cities. It is appropriate to use in modern designs. Most often, the kitchen depicts the famous places in London, New York, Paris. For more effect, they are portrayed in black and white;
    • plants. In the dining area can accommodate various types of flowers and trees. If Chinese or Japanese style is chosen, then it is necessarily accompanied by a minimum amount of furniture in the dining area;
    • Provence or Country. Design in this direction involves the use of wallpaper with the image of rural themes for decoration. Pictures of lavender, wildflowers, or plain village landscapes will look good;

    Carved furniture in the interior

    • products. To increase your appetite, you can use the image of ripe berries, juicy fruits, as well as healthy vegetables. Shades of food should echo the overall color of the kitchen. Most often, pictures of enlarged products are found in high-tech style, in apartments, studios and small kitchens, helping to visually increase the space of the room.

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