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The combination of wallpaper and furniture in the interior of the living room / bedroom / kitchen / nursery. How important is the choice?


Set the mood of the room will be the main finishing material. Most often, such material is the wallpaper. There are nuances on the invoice, and on other parameters. But the main thing is to choose the color of the wallpaper in the interior correctly. The process should be approached already prepared. Everything is more detailed later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • What can affect the choice of color?
  • Lighting features
  • Nuances of choice for the hall
  • The combination of shades of furniture and finishing material
  • Location nuances
  • Nuances of human psychology
  • Feng Shui commitment
  • Choice for bedroom
  • Are there conflicting colors for the bedroom?
  • Side of the world for the bedroom
  • The combination of color wallpaper and furniture
  • For kitchen
  • Design tricks
  • For the nursery
  • findings
  • VIDEO: The most pleasant shades for your bedroom
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 150 photos)
  • What can affect the choice of color?
  • Nuances of choice for the hall
  • The combination of shades of furniture and finishing material
  • Location nuances
  • Nuances of human psychology
  • Feng Shui commitment
  • Choice for bedroom
  • For kitchen
  • For the nursery
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 150 photos)
  • What can affect the choice of color?

    It is not accepted to make all the rooms in the house in the same style.

    They need to be separated from each other. This is done and finishing materials. Immediately you need to figure out - how will the room be used? For the living room, the normal state is fun, hassle. Guests usually gather there. The owner of the apartment has the task of creating a bright environment so that guests do not get bored.

    Color options

    The opposite situation with the bedroom.In the bedroom, most of the time is spent at bedtime, respectively, should be a calm atmosphere. You can not use shades in the bedroom, which give a boost of energy and suppress laziness. With such an environment will not work to relax. Discard the question dimensions can not be. Finishing material plays an important role in the visual perception of space. There are tricks that increase the space. There are ways to compensate for too spacious rooms. It is only important not to confuse the shades.

    Provence style color is perfect for the bedroom.

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    Lighting features

    The choice of color is also influenced by the characteristics of the lighting. When the window goes to the north side, this leads to poor-quality lighting. Poor quality lighting needs to be compensated. It is not enough to put the lamps. It is also necessary to correctly select the color of the material.

    BoardIn order to avoid discomfort in a dark room with the lights off, you should use light shades. It is advisable not to stand out from the style.

    Similar colors will add more light to your room.

    You can not mindlessly use just because they liked the shade or ornament. Some styles in this regard are strict, for example, it is baroque or classic. There are fewer problems with conditional modernity, but there are also requirements here. They affect the brightness. You need to be able to competently combine. You can not use different shades in the same composition. It is important to observe harmony everywhere.

    The color of the wallpaper should be in harmony with the furniture.

    The question of practicality can not be circumvented. Dirt on white shades noticeable strongly. For a bedroom or living room it is not so important. This factor is more important for the kitchen. Ceilings and walls get dirty much faster there. The proximity of the stove, the heat from the oven, cooking, lack of free space - all this makes the walls very vulnerable.

    BoardYou need to choose practical materials.

    This also applies to the children's room. Children may accidentally smear or write something on them.

    Practicality in the kitchen above all

    The key factor is the location of the material. For one, it is better that it is located on the wall. Others feel more at home on the ceiling. It is necessary to try on the shade in advance, even before sticking. This will help you understand the correctness of your choice. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu

    Nuances of choice for the hall

    Indoors there are four factors that influence the choice of color of a material:

    • Need to look at the orientation relative to the direction of the world.
    • Rate interior style.
    • Determine if there is a multi-colored furniture.
    • Need to stick to your taste.

    Black will make the room stylish

    Sometimes living rooms are multifunctional. In the usual sense of the living room is needed for leisure. The kitchen is used for meals, and the bedroom is used for sleeping. If all of these actions will be performed in the living room, then universality will be an important factor.

    • It should be borne in mind that in the living room people eat, which means that the chance of pollution increases. Children will play there, so they need to create a fun environment.
    • Also there will be a dream. Therefore, it is also impossible to overdo it with brightness. Sleep normally with bright colors will not work.
    • Spaces need to be allocated separately. But there should be no obvious contrast. This is especially appropriate in situations where there is a need to change the material in several rooms at once. After moving from a pale room to a bright one, eyes may begin to ruffle. This can not be allowed.

    Low-key and at the same time bright and stylish print

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    The combination of shades of furniture and finishing material

    Selection occurs after the purchase of furniture. Wallpapers should either shade furniture, or emphasize it. Pull on the attention they should not. This sequence is simply explained. It is easier to get new than to completely change the furniture. If the contrast of the furniture is dark, then you should use light ones. Such warm shades as pear, mustard, sand are allowed.

    The tone is suitable for furniture

    This rule does not play in the opposite direction.

    BoardWhite furniture is not necessarily shade dark wallpaper.

    White furniture gives almost complete freedom in choosing.

    You can not just take a white wallpaper, otherwise it will merge with the background.

    Color can be:

    • purple;
    • emerald;
    • sapphire.
    Beige shades will give the room a calm atmosphere in the room.

    If the room has brown or reddish furniture, it is worth using dark ones.

    Cherry furniture will be combined with:
    • burgundy;
    • violet;
    • saturated green.

    A similar gamma is created to cheer up

    There are recommendations on the Internet - wallpaper can be pale. This tip is more suitable for the bedroom than for the living room.

    Now it is fashionable to purchase blue furniture. In appearance, it looks stylish, expensive. Blue is not boring. The background of the room depends on the purpose of using the living room. The use of the living room for leisure requires the use of red or yellow.

    For relaxation, you need to use wallpaper:
    • beige;
    • cream;
    • light blue.

    Peach furniture is less commonly used. When buying items of peach color you need to make the background in the room more vivid. This is the case when a brighter background will help highlight the furniture. Elegantly with peach looks:

    • Gray;
    • blue;
    • pearl shade.

    Blue never bothers

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    Location nuances

    It should be remembered about the side of the living room when buying material. When the side to the east or west, it does not matter where the windows are installed. This does not apply to situations where windows are blocked by tall trees. Then there may be problems with the illumination of the room. Problems occur with the first floor when the window faces south or north or when the view of the window is hampered by trees. Then there can be two options: when there is not enough light or when there is too much light.

    Bright wallpaper for a room with a little light

    • If there is little light in the room and the window faces north, it means that there will be very little light in summer. Illumination comes from the reflected light of the sky. Gray or blue can not be used. These colors will coincide with the shade of the sky in winter and summer, respectively. You can not use pale shades, cold contrasts. You can save the room with wallpaper with bright color.
    • Too much light also hurts. Eyes hurt, you can not concentrate on anything. Then you should use cold ones. This is light khaki, beige gray. Dark background is allowed.
    It is impossible to add red or yellow to the originally bright room. The rays will be reflected from them, and the eyes will begin to tire more. From neutral stands out white.

    For rooms with good daylight

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    Nuances of human psychology

    RedThe correctness of the choice affects whether a person wants to be in a room or not. For the living room are considered ideal red. He will give a festive atmosphere, will give energy. For a long time to be in such a room is difficult. For a rare stay in the room, a red shade will do. It is not suitable for relaxation, but rather the opposite - the color gives strength for further work.YellowIt is advisable not to use only red, but dilute them with neutral shades.. Yellow is calmer. The presence of yellow will give the room an atmosphere of family comfort. This can include a golden hue. It also gives a certain charge of energy, but the color is not so aggressive. Pale gold and corn can be included in this category.

    The atmosphere of family comfort

    BlueTo create a calm environment should be used blue. They act as a stabilizer of pressure and nerves. Excessive use of blue in the decoration will lead to the fact that guests will begin to feel depressed. If the window faces north, you can use a bright blue tint. He refers to the warm.GreenThe association with nature give green. Some may associate it with the spring, with the leaves, with the forest. Like blue, green has a calming effect on people. The living room with greens can be used for meditation. Depending on the side of the arrangement of the sides, the temperature of the green shade is selected. The beige shade though is considered a classic, but you can overdo it, and then the room will become boring. It does not give any surge of strength, does not affect the mood.

    The combination of several green textures

    BeigeYou can use beige as a neutral background.. Trendy trends are the use of gray. It also includes all its shades. If the color of the furniture is too saturated, or the furniture takes a lot of attention to itself, then they can be shaded with gray wallpaper. Materials with cold organically look for rooms in high-tech styles and for industrial premises.

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    Depending on the style of the interior:
    1. With minimalism, you need to use monochrome shades. Besides white, it is beige and gray.
    2. For country style, yellow, blue, and red are considered native. Moreover, both saturated and delicate shades are suitable.
    3. In the style of Provence, you need to focus on the spring shades. It is pink, cream, lavender color.
    4. For high-tech, both bright and neutral gray rolls are equally suitable. Here it is necessary to analyze how the furniture looks in practice.
    5. For a classic interior you need classic neutral shades. You can use a pastel background. There can be no bright materials here.
    6. In the Scandinavian style is also not welcome wallpaper with a motley gamut.
    7. The fusion style stands apart. There should be used rolls with different shades. To soften such rolls need brown or white furniture. The walls can be plastered and gold wallpaper.

    Wallpaper in the style of Provence

    Fusion style

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    Feng Shui commitment

    Those people who believe in Eastern teachings are interested in the Feng Shui philosophy, the following information will be useful.

    According to this philosophy, there are several elements, and when arranging a room it is necessary to separate these elements..

    Wood cannot collide with metal, fire with water. Each of the elements has its own direction and its own set of shades.

    • The choice of family direction involves the use of red and green.
    • For a career, black and blue are favorable.

    It is also important to consider in which sector of the apartment the living room is located.

    Finding a room in the northern sector requires adhering to the element of Water. Then the wallpaper should be blue or black. It is important to choose exactly the warm shades of blue or black. Dark shades will make the gloomy room even more gloomy. Neutral white is allowed.

    Black career friendly

    For rooms in the western sectors other rules. There are yellow, gold, gray shades. For the north and southeast, you must use terracotta and orange, as these are the colors of the earth.

    For the eastern rooms need to use green. This is the element of the tree. For rooms located in the south you need to use everything that resembles the color of Fire. It is red, orange, purple. But philosophy does not prohibit the use of green shade for wall decoration.

    Green - the element of the tree

    There are not so many options for a living room in the center of the apartment - these are shades of red and brown. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu

    Choice for bedroom

    For the bedroom you need to focus on the fact that the day will start from this room. And the mood of a person depends on what color of wallpaper. Immediately it should be noted - aggressive colors are prohibited. Quality sleep will not, and annoying lead to frustration and quarrels. Too minor as well will not lead to anything good, since the room should not turn a person into a lazy creature.

    Immediately it is worth considering a selection of popular shades:

    Blue relaxes and soothes

    • Often choose the blue, as they calm, despite their coldness. You can only use blue, but not blue. Blue is allowed only for compact rooms - it can visually expand them.
    • The mood of green is perfect for the bedroom. Color gives relaxing emotions, relieves stress, allows you to relax.
    • Universal not for nothing are such a title - they can be used everywhere. With white you can combine anything. The room will be light, open, but if there are other shades along with white. Having only white will make the room faceless. For smaller bedrooms this is a good option. It combines with most popular colors. These can be used in bedrooms with poor lighting.
    • The use of yellow compensates for this disadvantage. Like white, brown can be attributed to universal shades. Actually it will never pass. It acts as positively as possible. In this room you can relax.

    Brown - a universal shade

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    Are there conflicting colors for the bedroom?

    There are several colors that under certain circumstances can be used in the bedroom. But you need to immediately make a reservation - the colors are contradictory. For example, this is a red wallpaper. This is the color of aggression, leadership and domination. He likes the leaders, people are easy going. Color is more often used in the living room, but it can be used in the bedroom. But then the red wallpaper will need to be diluted with a light finish.

    Blue is cold. It must be diluted. Otherwise, blue wallpapers will cause anguish and depression. For small bedrooms such is prohibited.

    Blue for large rooms only

    Black is able to push its saturation, so there must be interspersed beige or white. Completely black interior for the bedroom is not allowed. Return to menu ↑

    Side of the world for the bedroom

    As for the living room, for the bedroom the sides of the world play a big role. Especially if the apartment owner is interested in feng shui. If the windows face south, then there will be no problems with the light. After dinner there will be too much light, so it needs to be absorbed:

    • blue;
    • purple;
    • terracotta.

    All the listed rules are relevant only for spacious bedrooms. Dark for compact bedrooms do not need to use. When you exit the window to the north side there will be a lack of light. Then even open curtains will not greatly correct the situation. You will need to use wallpaper beige, gold or yellow.

    Bohemian style

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    The combination of color wallpaper and furniture

    It is customary to plan the general scale in advance so that in practice there is no frankly unsuccessful combination of finishing material and furniture.

    • For light furniture you need to pick up materials to match. Such wallpaper can be golden, white and beige wallpaper. In rooms with large walls you can play on the contrast. That is, you can use black furniture and white wallpaper and vice versa. Warm and cold shades can not be mixed in any situations.
    • As for dark furniture, it refers to warm furniture. Accordingly, cold shades in the wallpaper can not be used. Suitable colors are white, sand, ocher, brown. Furniture should act as a secondary material, while wallpaper will be the main element.

    There are also a few bold solutions that allow you to add some light colors to the dull interior. You can try to combine different types of wallpaper. The bottom line is that you need to use the same structure of the picture. Colors can be any. You can make a vertical or horizontal position, as well as inserts and niches.

    Horizontal stripes are good for zoning rooms.

    For zoning premises used horizontal stripes. Below the premises are used dark wallpaper with a dynamic pattern. At the top of the room will be calm tones. Vertical stripes can be made monophonic. The width of the strips can be chosen the same as the dimensions of the bed. The material can, how to reach the ceiling, as well as go for it. Inserts are required in order to allocate space. Often allocate the area above the bed.

    BoardIf there is a niche in the room, then it is worth making it the same as the other walls. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    For kitchen

    The kitchen has exactly the same requirements for the choice of wallpaper. It is necessary to take into account the degree of illumination, the size of the room. The lack of lighting is usually compensated by a warm gamut in the wallpaper. It:

    • beige;
    • creamy;
    • yellow wallpaper.

    A warm shade is not required if there is a lot of light in the room. Here you should choose neutral.

    This is the choice:

    • peach;
    • wheat;
    • olive wallpaper.

    Subdued cool shades are suitable. They will give the kitchen an atmosphere of comfort.

    Good tone for a big kitchen

    More aggressive red for the kitchen is considered a bold color. It can cause irritation if you overdo it with saturation. Red is the color of confident people. The Feng Shui philosophy says that red light can increase appetite. If you approach the issue from this side, then red wallpaper for the kitchen will be useful.

    BoardIt is best to dilute the red wallpaper with black inserts or black furniture.

    Cold shades are designed to soothe. But for the kitchen, they are not suitable. In the kitchen, the main thing is to cause appetite, and blue does not affect this process. It does not add blue and coziness, but if the windows face south, then they give a lot of light. Excessive lighting can be extinguished by wallpaper in blue tones. With blue look and red and white hue.

    Print to increase appetite

    There is a risk that large red inserts will disturb the composition. Green is well perceived everywhere. For the kitchen such a shade is suitable. It has a positive effect on mental state. This can include emerald green and olive. Pear and pistachio are associated with natural beauty.

    If the green has a delicate shade, then these wallpapers can be combined with beige and yellow accents.

    This combination allows you to achieve a welcoming atmosphere. For the kitchen is very important. Green can be only one wall in the kitchen - this will help to highlight it.

    Hospitable atmosphere

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    Design tricks

    • If there are no special thoughts in your head, you can always use white wallpapers. You can combine white and dark wallpaper. White wallpaper in compact kitchens is a classic. Snow-white decor makes the room easy. You can use white wallpaper as a shading background. Then it is necessary to focus on orange, olive or even red.
    • To solve the problem of low ceilings can install wallpaper with vertical stripes. Color can be any. You can expand the room on the sides by wallpaper with a horizontal stripe.

    Vertical stripes for low ceilings

    • Too colorful are not suitable for the kitchen. They will get bored very quickly, and will start to annoy rather than please.
    • Highlight a bright color is better than one wall, but all the walls in the room.
    • If there are large enough figures, then the color should be neutral.
    • In the absence of any specific ideas about color, you can choose shades of green.
    • When the furniture in the room has a simple form, and textiles are just as simple, it is better to choose wallpaper with an ornament.
    For bright furniture and bright accessories in the kitchen requires a shading element. This element should be a wallpaper with a light shade. Patterns are not needed in this case. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu

    For the nursery

    There is a strict distinction according to the age of the child, as well as according to his sex. In the first three years of a child’s life, pastel shades should surround the wallpaper. Irritating colors are not allowed. In the period from three to 6 years old, a child needs vivid impressions and emotions. You can choose the most bright.

    Bright highlight of the kitchen

    According to the images there is one nuance. They should not be very big. Large figures can scare a child. The same applies to geometric shapes with sharp corners. The presence of a composition with these elements can cause anxiety in a child. And pastel colors here will not save. As the child grows up, it is possible to use quite adult shades, turning the children's room into a room for the rest of a teenager.

    For a little comic lover

    If the boys are all clear, then the girls are a bit more complicated.. For them, preferred colors from the warm part of the spectrum. It is necessary to use whenever possible:

    • pink
    • peach;
    • gently green;
    • warm yellow wallpaper.

    The boys have the opposite situation. For them it is better to make a room with blue or gray wallpaper. The combination of yellow and green, gray and orange is welcomed. You can use the finishing material in red and brown.

    Completely red wallpaper for the child's room should not be used. When residing children of different sexes in the same room, it is important to distinguish zones. Each zone should have its own colors or texture. Even if the child has become quite an adult, it is not at all necessary to make a room in black. A large amount of black color can drive melancholy. It’s not worth talking about children.

    The original solution for fans to draw

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    People make the same mistakes when choosing a color. Therefore, we can identify a few simple tips that will draw a line under the article:

    • When comparing two identical rooms with green and orange works, the first one will seem cold. It provided the same lighting condition.
    • In any room the colors are about the same. Green color always acts as a sedative. Yellow gives a cheerful mood and warm atmosphere. Red color is an irritant for both children and adults.
    • It is important to correctly choose the lighting in the room. Cold tones require strong lighting. Warm tones allow you to weaken the lighting of the room.
    • Uniformity in the color of the finish is allowed in one room, but not in the whole apartment.
    • Also not allowed a strong variation in brightness shades.
    • In all rooms should be a balance of brightness.
    • Whites increase space, dark ones squeeze. To draw walls and ceilings you need to use wallpaper with a vertical and horizontal stripe, respectively.

    Beautiful entrance hall

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    VIDEO: The most pleasant shades for your bedroom