Rooms for teenagers boys and girls in a modern style. TOP-8 design ideas + 175 PHOTOS


Thus, an abundance of saturated red hues can lead to aggression or, on the contrary, cause a depressive state. The use of too dark and gloomy paints provokes a breakdown. Inconsistent shades give rise to confusion and disharmony in thoughts.

Here are some examples of successful color combinations in the interior.

Main colorCompanions
RedWhite, black and white, golden, blue, silver
OrangeWhite, red, green, black, gray
GreenWhite, light green, yellow, black, gray
BlueGreen, turquoise, red, purple, gray, gold, brown
VioletPink, gray, white, gray-blue, silver
BrownWhite, beige, blue, gold
GrayBlack, pink, green, blue
Overload the interior with an abundance of colors is not necessary. It is enough to add a bright accessory to liven up the space. Conversely, dilute too saturated color can details of a calm color.

Bright, colorful, positive

With the help of different colors you can visually expand or narrow the space, as well as divide it into parts.

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Starting alterations in the nursery it is important not to miss such a factor as the distribution of the room space. After all, your child must learn, relax, chat with friends, do what he likes. And all he needs is space.

Perfect zoning for a comfortable stay.

There are only three main parts required to fully fill the space with functional:

Work zoneThe place where homework is done. Also suitable for hobbies and hobbies. Here the desktop, necessary quantity of every shelves and racks is provided. It is necessary to organize the lighting of this area and, if possible, separate it from the main space. This can be done by means of a racking partition.Rest zoneThis bed, equipped with a full bed or sofa (depending on the size of the room). For small rooms, a bed built into the closet can be a real find.Storage areaWardrobe. Here is suitable as a chest of drawers and wardrobe, with a large number of shelves, drawers and compartments. For a small room, the same transformer will serve as a good solution - a wardrobe with a built-in bed.

Convenient shelving with shelves

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The choice of lamps, table lamps, chandeliers for the teenage room should be very careful. The amount of light directly affects not only the health of the child, his eyesight, but also the emotional state in general.

Do not save on lighting for your children.

Each separated territory should be highlighted according to its purpose. So, in the working area, a natural light source - a window - will be ideal, and for the evening time - a desk lamp.

For free space, a daylight ceiling lamp is quite suitable and it is possible to supplement this area with a floor lamp or a sconce, and to organize a night light next to the bed.

Additional lighting does not hurt

The light in the teenage abode should not be harsh. Choose the location of the lighting fixtures, taking into account the arrangement of the furniture and the arrangement of the decorative elements, so that the metal parts would not "glare" in the light of the lamps, the furniture would not cast ominous shadows, and the mirror would not shine like a fireball.

All in moderation - the best option for such a room

Slate board for big fans to draw

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